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The god of oaths, magic, knowledge, poetry, music, prosperity, and the underworld
The guardian of all knowledge. An embodied idea
A multi-god present in all deities
The ruler of the night

Cocktail menu
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ul. nowogrodzka 11

Opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday 7PM

The place

Weles is a cocktail bar, hidden, without signs, and concealed behind an inconspicuous door. It may be in the very center of the city, but it’s a mysterious place. Its name comes from the Slavic god Weles (Veles) – ruler of the night – who is also the guardian of magic, music, and prosperity. When you come inside, you enter a mystical crypt where you can sample cocktails prepared by Warsaw’s best bartenders. The shining zinc ceiling, imported from the United States, and the sculpted wooden bars, which used to be a part of a British carousel, make a great background for the meticulously prepared drinks. The scene is completed by characteristic marble counters and the custom-made crystal chandelier. The rest is a secret, open only to those who decide to enter Weles.

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